Find out why we have some of the best makerspace/hackerspace facilities in Brisbane. Unlike a typical makerspace or hackerspace, we have professionally maintained tools and equipment that you can rely on.
3D Printing

Our fleet of 3D printers are optimised for different uses. Our custom upgraded CR-10 v2 features a high volume “Volcano” hot end for super fast printing, our adventurer 3 is great for high quality ABS prints, and our Mars 2 Pro prints resin with incredible resolution.

All of these printers are well maintained and have optimised profiles calibrated for both high quality, and high speed printing.

The types of 3D printers that you'll find in our makerspace / hackerspace. Pictured is a Reality CR-10, Flashforge Adventurer 3 and Elegoo Mars 2 Pro.
The laser cutter that you'll find in our makerspace / hackerspace.
Laser Cutting

Our professionally maintained laser cutter is one of our core tools. It allows you to create amazing custom signage, project enclosures, art pieces and more. It can engrave and cut up to 8mm from a variety of materials including acrylic, MDF, plywood, foam, and more!

Our camera assisted software means you can drag and drop your drawing straight onto your workpiece and preview the job. In addition to this, we have a range of materials in stock that have been perfectly chosen to cut well and have calibrated profiles for our machine.

Arts and Crafts

We have a huge range of arts and crafts consumables and tools. We have boxes full of paint, pens, pencils, stationary, sewing, different glues, knitting and crocheting materials just to name a few! We also have a good quality sewing machine and overlocker for serious sewing.

We also have lots of “bits and bobs” to finish off your paper and other crafts like sequins, pipe cleaners, construction paper, card, calligraphy pens and more!

Brisbane Makerspace Arts and Crafts
The type of electronics tools you'll find in our makerspace / hackerspace. Pictured is our soldering irons, multimeters and bench top power supply.

Our range of electronics tools and consumables is perfect for adding a little extra “pizzaz” to your projects. Our tools are suitable for creating Arduino and ESP8266 or ESP32 projects and for adding motors, LEDs, and sound to your projects!

You can solder, test and experiment with our soldering and hot air stations, multimeters, laboratory power supply, and soldering “third hand”.


Our Cricut can handle vinyl, fabric, leather, paper, balsa wood and more. Cut and emboss amazing designs to perfect your projects.

Use our circuit for sewing and paper crafts, artwork, vinyl stickers, cards, party invitations and decor, iron-ons, centrepieces, leather pieces and more!

What is a makerspace / hackerspace?
A makerspace or hackerspace generally refer to the same thing. According to hackerspaces.org, they are "community-operated physical places, where people share their interest in tinkering with technology, meet and work on their projects, and learn from each other."

We think the phrase "makerspace" is more inclusive and friendly than "hackerspace" as the latter often has a negative connotation. There are several makerspaces or hackerpspaces in Brisbane. We hope to differentiate ourselves by providing the best quality tools and resources, and by fostering a friendly and engaging community that is fun to be a part of.

Whether you want to call it a hackerspace or makerspace, we think everyone will have a great time and learn new skills. We encourage you to come along to one of our classes or free tours to learn more and see what all the fuss is about!