A community workshop for makers in Brisbane
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Brisbane Makerspace hero image.
Brisbane Makerspace hero image.
Bring your creative projects to life with Brisbane Makerspace's amazing workshop facilities
  1. Brisbane Makerspace 3D printers
    Digital Fabrication
    Create physical objects from your digital designs using our laser cutter, 3D printers, or cricut.
  2. multimeters2
    Add LEDs, WiFi, motors and more to your projects using our range of electronics prototyping equipment.
  3. Brisbane Makerspace Arts and Crafts
    Arts and Crafts
    Sew, knit, paint, cut and glue using our variety of tools including a sewing machine, overlocker, knitting and crocheting, and painting tools.
Never picked up a tool before? We've got you covered...
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Creative Classes

Brisbane Makerspace runs a range of creative classes to help you learn new skills, make better use of our facilities, and of course, make amazing projects. We run introductory, intermediate, and project specific classes.

We cover the following topics:

  • Laser cutting
  • 3D printing
  • Electronics
  • Project specific like laser cut coasters
Past projects at Brisbane Makerspace
3D print awesome cosplay props
Prototype electronics circuits and PCBs
Make custom acrylic signage
Use our thermal camera for troubleshooting
3D print unique gifts
Add LEDs to your project
Laser cut custom drink coasters
Assemble electronics projects
3D print in amazing resolution with resin
3D print custom parts
3D print custom mounts
3D print custom enclosures
Our Expert Team
We have experienced makers ready to provide assistance and advice.
  • Smarte
    Jaimyn Mayer
    Head Maker / Owner
    3D printing, laser cutting, electronics and all things tech.
  • Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 1.05.24 am
    Tanya Love
    Photographer, graphic designer, and creative genius.
Our Suppliers & Vendors
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