Book a DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Box Workshop (Brisbane)

$49 per person, or $45 for 2 or more (take a friend!)

In this one-hour workshop at Brisbane Makerspace, you will laser cut and assemble your own DIY Valentine’s Day gift. If you want to show someone special that you really care about them, this personalised, DIY gift is sure to do the job!

First we’ll help you customise and perfect your design, then we’ll cut out and engrave some pieces of gorgeous European Poplar timber on our laser cutter. Once the cut and engrave is complete, we’ll guide you to glue together and assemble the gift box. Afterwards, you can fill it with a selection of praline chocolates from our friends at the Sweet Relief confectionery store.

What is included in the workshop:

  • A brief introduction to how laser cutting/engraving works.
  • Adding a personalised message to a DIY Valentine’s Day gift box.
  • Creating and assembling your own DIY Valentines Day gift box.
  • A selection of praline chocolates to fill your chocolate box.

This workshop requires no prior knowledge or skills and is perfect for beginners who are interested in the laser cutting process. Everyone will take home their own personalised Valentine’s Day gift box full of delicious praline chocolates!

Accessibility note: unfortunately our workshop is only accessible via a set of stairs and is not wheelchair accessible.