Book a DIY Robot Workshop for Beginners (Brisbane)

$99 per person, or $95 for 2 or more (take a friend!)

Dive into the world of robotics in this DIY robot workshop in Brisbane, designed for beginners. No experience necessary!

In this three-hour workshop, you’ll build your very own robot (with moving parts and LEDs!) and learn some basic electronics concepts, including how circuits work.

Once your robot has been built and tested, you’ll then be given a chance to decorate and bedazzle it using a selection of fun arts and craft supplies. You also get to choose two of our 3D printed accessories to add some character to your bot.

What we’ll cover in the workshop:

  • A brief introduction to basic electronics concepts.
  • Robot components  and how they fit together.
  • Brainstorm some robot design ideas.
  • Build and assemble your robot.
  • Decorate and bedazzle your robot using a variety of fun arts and crafts, and 3D printed accessories.

Please note that the length of time this workshop takes varies depending on the number of people in your class and how much time you want to spend customising your robot. Typically classes take around 2 hours, but may run up to 3 hours in some cases.

Accessibility note: unfortunately our workshop is only accessible via a set of stairs and is not wheelchair accessible.

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